Unusual Items that Libraries Circulate

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This has been an email thread that I thought I would share...unusual items that libraries throughout the US are checking out to their patrons:

Auto repair tools (Wyoming library)
Bones (medical school library)
Braille writer
Cake pans
Crafter glasses for people who work on watches and small crafts Drum pads Electronic devise that enlarges text on TV
Fishing rods Free tickets to museums and cultural events Frisbees GPS navigation units Guitars Jigsaw puzzles Keyboards Laptop computers
Framed art prints
MP3 players, pre-loaded
Record player
Slide projector
Tape deck, reel-to-reel
USB drives
Wheelchairs, walkers, balance boards and manipulatives for school psychologists, and occupational and physical therapists

What do you have to add?

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    My brother rents video games

    My brother rents video games from his local library for Xbox 360. Crazy...