What's your learning style? And why is that important to know?

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The second conference in the Libraries = Learning Organizations' series focused on learning styles. The buzz is online learning. But this may not be the best way for you to learn. To identify your learning style take the VARK Questionnaire and follow-up with the information regarding your individual learning preference.

My golden nugget was an awareness that not everyone secures and digests information the same way I do. And even though I am multimodal, the Kinesthetic and Read/Write tools work best for me. I have learned that when taking a self-directed, online class -- it is better if I turn off the speaker and make myself read!!! The narrator's voice is just too distracting and it reminds me of lectures when I was in college --- my mind tends to wander!

So why is this important? As a teacher,coach, or mentor, I need to be sensitive to individual learning styles and include as many different types of tools so each learner can feel successful during the learning journey.

So what is your learning style? And why is it important for you to know? I would love to hear!