WJ Courses -- Some Hints to Maximize your Learning

I just finished a WJ Idaho course via the vendor Skillsoft. This is my third course and I took time to play with the course. Sometimes, I am linear and forget to look go beyond the bounds. This happens a lot of times when I am learning ... a product of how I behaved during my educational years 6-18!!

So I discovered some tools that may really expand your WJ experience for you -- and you may already know about these -- that is great -- please share with your colleagues as they continue their learning adventure.

So for the Skillsoft provider when the window opens, you will notice a toolbar at the bottom -- if you haven't explored it, here is what the symbols mean! Starting from the left hand side (click here to see a picture)
1. Home -- that will always take you back to the course menu.
2. Show Learning Points -- when you are inside the course you will be able to navigate to the learning points in the selected topic. (just click on it a second time to hide the learning points)
3. Show Captions -- This will open a page notes dialog box beneath the screen (click again to hide the box)
4. Show Resources -- my favorite -- In each course there will be a variety of resources for more learning opportunities, this includes course objectives, course description, job aids, skill briefs, information on NASBA CPE Credit, and the ability to print your scores and completion status!
5. Auto Advance On -- this turns on or off the auto advance of slides and commentary -- a good thing for those of us who process information in a methodical manner!
6. Audio On -- or off -- in case that read/write is your preferred method of learning, rather than auditory. For me the voice sometimes gets in the way....

The other buttons on the tool bar are the basic familiar tape/cd player buttons.

Hope this helps -- be sure to explore all the buttons on the page, just to see what is behind Door # ????