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Pegasus - Tempered Radicals

Debra Meyerson provided an excellent presentation on "Rocking the Boat without Going Overboard:  How Tempered Radicals can steer a course for change."  One of the key points was in regard to Psychological Safety.  Here are the barriers that can face one: 

  1. Perceived status differences
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Pegasus - Amplifying Our Impact -- First Evening

The ICFL Pegasus Team had a pre-conference discussion and dinner to further explore the 5 disciplines.  It was a lively, thought-provoking discussion.  One item I thought was interesting was the fact that "tension" can be good for a group.

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ICFL staff pick their favorite titles from 2006

Pam with her favorite 2006 booksPamela Bradshaw, ICFL's office manager, lists Memoirs of a Geisha by Rob Marshall, The Gate to Women's Country by Sheri S.

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Program Ideas to Attract Boomers to Your Library

The Montana State Library recently published a great programming guide containing nearly 40 adult programming suggestions. The guide can be found at .

Montana and Idaho are certainly in the same boat as far as needing to reach out to more citizens. A quote from their marketing and communication project page, called “What’s Your Story? Find It At the Library” reads, “Libraries are beloved by citizens and the communities we serve, yet Montana libraries face significant challenges. We are under-funded, short-staffed, and often taken for granted.” That sounds familiar! It goes on to say, “To help remind Montanans of the value of Montana libraries to the communities we serve, the ‘What’s Your Story?’ campaign was born. A group of Montana librarians, representing communities big and small, east and west, and all types of libraries, came together to try to articulate what was needed to help our peers do a great job of promoting ourselves to the large number of patrons we serve.”

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Semi-random thoughts to prep for Think Tank

One of my big goals to prepare for the Future’s conference was to try to get a better handle on the present – catch up to 2005. Every once in a while I have a mini-panic attack because I don’t feel like I’m really in touch with what’s happening in the world out there. In fact, I’ll confess that one of the reasons I like living in Idaho is it’s perfectly fine to not be as hip as the gals in N.Y. or L.A. We can pick and choose the latest items we want to try (yeah Netflix) and ignore those that aren’t going to meet our needs (like wearing camisoles to work or listening to pod casts while I’m trying to type). I even made a list of “homework” I was going to do before the big event: