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2015 Libraries Building Community Summit

If your public library is thinking of planning a community-based project for Summer Reading, Summer Slide, Make It or other library programming, consider participating in the 2015 Libraries Building Community Summit to be held April 29 and 30 in Boise.

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Community Awareness -- Free Content

All librarians are encouraged to use and repurpose the articles on ALA's public awareness website,, to highlight the resources available every day at libraries.  All the information is available under a Creative Commons license that allows libraries to repurpose content in either an online or offline format, with proper crediting to   So w

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USDA Rural Development Grants and Loans Available for Small, Rural Libraries

A couple of years ago, you may recall I was bouncing around the state hosting a variety of sessions called Credible Connections.  One of my community contacts from those days just got in touch with me and asked me to spread the good news for public libraries. The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Program has funds available to provide financial assistance to develop essential public community facilities in rural areas up to 20,000 population in the form of loan and grant funds for projects serving the most financially needy communities. This round of funding will focus on assisting public libraries in our small, rural communities of Idaho.

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Idaho State Scholarships

Did you know there are a number of scholarships through the Idaho State Board of Education available to Idaho students? A well-kept secret! Check out the scholarship opportunities (and apply online) for high school seniors at the State Board of Education’s scholarship website.

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Turning the Page - Idaho Libraries Building Community

The Public Library Association's successful Turning the Page program is coming to Idaho. This fall, starting September 9, members of the Idaho library community will join members of the Washington library community to participate in the six module series which takes participants through the steps of developing an advocacy plan.

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Refugee Health Information Network

Attending the Idaho Refugee Conference today, sharing all the great resources that has to offer.  Just discovered a great site called Refugee Health Information Network -- great multilingual resource for librarians, refugees and healthcare health providers.
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    Digital Literacy, LibGuides, and LiLI! Oh My!

    The familiar digital literacy guides (, a source of information for workforce development, consumer finances, education, and digital literacy, have been transitioned to a new platform called Libguides. Find it at -- and subscribe via RSS to receive updates as new information and resources are added. The Idaho Commission for Libraries is excited to streamline access to these powerful online@your library resources for libraries and the residents of Idaho. Check it out today!

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      Technology and Time Management

      Using Technology for Time Management: Tools and Techniques for Library Staff and
      Team, an Infopeople online course, will be offered February 19 to March 18, 2013. Would you like to use your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to help you be more efficient? Technology is making time management even easier with the availability of free and low-cost tools for time tracking, task management, goal and priority setting, and team projects. If you are interested in taking this course and would like to access a seat sponsored by the Idaho Commission for Libraries sponsored, read on.

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      New! Social Media Kit for Libraries!

      Trying to identify the best way to use today's social media is a struggle at best!  If you are feeling a bit left out and wondering where to go -- no worries, you are not alone!

      To help ease the confusion and give Idaho libraries a competitive edge, the Idaho Commission for Libraries through its online @ your library project (funded by the Broadband Technology Opportunities Project, Broadband USA), has commissioned the development of a Social Media Kit.

      In this kit, you will find information on successfully using Facebook and Pinterist as marketing/media tools.  This will be followed by a Libguide on social media which will expand to other resources such as Twitter and newer tools as they evolve.

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        Info2Go! January 14, 2013

        Introducing a new monthly webinar which provides a platform for you to share your knowledge, connect with other library professionals, and get your questions answered.  Join Idaho library community guest experts from 12:30-1:30 pm MT (11:30-12:30 pm PT) to explore new library trends and services (no registration required ~ all sessions will be archived).  The first one is January 14, 2014 - What's New at LiLI?  Join Gina Persichini in exploring the new facets of Libraries Linking Idaho!  Log in at  ~ More information at