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Did You Know!?

A recent event prompted me to prepare a summary of "some" of the continuing education activities that the Idaho Commission for Libraries provides.  In turn, this led me to start this post.  Rather than overwhelm you with the myriad of continuing education resources available, I thought that each week, I will do a "Did You Know!?" blog post.  So here goes ..  The Idaho Commis

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Fast Forward To the Future!

Free Workshop on October 5 from 8:30 am to 4 pm at the Boise Centre - provided by the Idaho Commission for Libraries and a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  This is one of three preconferences prior to the Idaho Library Association Annual meeting in Boise.

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Transforming Life After 50 Fellows Complete Studies

Congratulations to the 16 individuals from Idaho libraries who completed a year-long fellowship focusing on libraries services for midlife adults ages 50+, along with 74 Fellows from 11 other states.   The Fellowship began with a 3-day Institute in Portland last September.  During the past 9 months the Fellows focused on community assessment, prog

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LSSC Registration Assistance Award

Six library staff members from around the state received the Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Registration Assistance Award.

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Preservation Workshop - WESTPAS

Register today for the two-part preservation workshop for all Idaho libraries, museums and cultural institutions provided by the Western States Preservation and Assistance Service (WESTPAS) this

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WESTPAS - Protecting Cultural Collections Workshop


The Western States Preservation and Assistance Service (WESTPAS) will be presenting a two-part preservation workshop for all Idaho libraries, museums and cultural institutions this summer in Boise at the Idaho Commission for Libraries.  Register today for this hands-on workshop -- take-aways include a pocket disaster response plan, a better understanding of disaster recovery resources available in your area, and a new appreciation for disaster preparedness.

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Social Media, Libraries and the Law

Mary Minow and Infopeople presented an informative hour-long webinar on the topic of Social Media,Libraries and the Law. Listen to the archive and access the resources. Mary provided many good tips along with a wealth of resources regarding social media and government, content, copyright and children's privacy. While you are there check out other archived webinars such as
  1. George and Joan on Conflict Resolution Techniques
  2. Project Management and Measuring Success for Digital Projects
  3. Teens, Tweens and Social Networking
  4. Introduction to Digital Storytelling: Everyone Has a Story to Tell
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LSSC Registration Assistance Awards for Idaho

LSSC Registration Assistance Awards will be granted to four (4) Idaho library support staff members who wish to become candidates for the Library Support Staff Certification, a program managed by the ALA-Allied Professional Association.  The Registration Assistance Awards ($175) will pay one-half of the candidate registration fee.  The LSSC program is funded by a grant to American Library Association from the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

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SWIM Scholarship Recipients Take on Leadership Roles!

Several Idaho scholarship recipients in the SWIM Cohort took up the reigns of leadership at the Southwest Idaho Library Association (SWILA) spring conference on February 9, 2011.

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Hailey Public Library Hosts an Emergency Preparedness and Planning Event

Kudos to Hailey Public Library for building community!!

The Hailey Public Library received a $5,000 outreach award to host a free emergency preparedness and planning community event. The event was held on October 23, 2010. The event “Ready Hailey” partnered with local agencies and community organizations to bring information specific to emergency preparedness and planning to the community.