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Using Online Educational Opportunities

Just a reminder that the Idaho Commission for Libraries offers a multitude of online learning opportunities. I would encourage you to go to the new and improved ICFL Continuing Education web page. I have tried to accommodate mulitple learning styles, so hopefully you will find it useful!

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What's your learning style? And why is that important to know?

The second conference in the Libraries = Learning Organizations' series focused on learning styles. The buzz is online learning. But this may not be the best way for you to learn.

WJ Courses -- Some Hints to Maximize your Learning

I just finished a WJ Idaho course via the vendor Skillsoft. This is my third course and I took time to play with the course. Sometimes, I am linear and forget to look go beyond the bounds. This happens a lot of times when I am learning ... a product of how I behaved during my educational years 6-18!!

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The One-Person Library

The March 2009 issue of the One-Person Library newsletter provided as its swan song a list of many resources for those of you who find yourself in such a situation! The important thing to remember is you are not alone -- there is a wealth of information available at your fingertips. Here are just a few you might consider reviewing:

Books on Solo Librarianship

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Fair Use / Copyright Tools

Here are some great e-tools regarding "Fair Use / Copyright" usage. Produced by the American Library Association Office of Information Technology Policy" they are online and available 24-7!

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Just discovered this website -- a great compilation of many web tools -- a wonderful follow-up to SPLAT 101

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WebJunction Idaho Courses

Have you taken advantage of the WebJunction Idaho Courses? Here is why you should:
1. They are free to affiliated WJ Idaho members (anyone working in or with an Idaho library [public, school, special, other] is eligible).
2. They provide a wealth of training in all skills areas for anyone who is working in a library.
3. They are free.
4. It is a great way to access content and learn.

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Free Courses

This 8 minute video clip takes all the fear out of using the WebJunction online courses. If you have not taken advantage of the free courses as an affiliated member of WebJunction Idaho, make some time to do so!

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Immersive Internet and Libraries

Okay, just came across the term this morning -- Immersive Internet which is a collection of emerging technologies combined with a social culture that has roots in gaming and virtual worlds.

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Unusual Items that Libraries Circulate

This has been an email thread that I thought I would share...unusual items that libraries throughout the US are checking out to their patrons:

Auto repair tools (Wyoming library)
Bones (medical school library)
Braille writer
Cake pans
Crafter glasses for people who work on watches and small crafts Drum pads Electronic devise that enlarges text on TV