2012 Summer Reading Manuals

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Summer Reading Program manuals have been shipped out to every publicly-funded public library in Idaho. Manuals are addressed to the library in general and not a specific person, so please keep an eye out and give your mail processing person a heads-up.

Those of you who requested a DVD copy instead of the paper copy should look for a padded manila envelope. The rest of you should look for a large, thick, white envelope. Each paper copy of the manual also contains 3 identical DVD copies.

If your computers are unable to load the DVDs, please contact me at the info below and I will send you a CD copy.

As your state representative, all questions regarding the summer reading program manuals should be directed to me and not to the CSLP office. If you do not receive your package by November 11, please contact me.

In addition to the manual the following important information is included in your package:

  • Cover Letter from Staci,Stephanie, and Erica
  • Form to help you collect participation numbers for 2012
  • Bright Futures Outreach information
  • CSLP Rules of Use “Frequently Asked Questions”
  • Summer Reading Program Planning Timeline
  • Handout on Summer Learning Loss
  • Upstart catalog for 2012 CSLP theme

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