Boys and Girls Clubs Summer Reading Partnerships Application's picture

If you have a Boys and Girls Club in your area, you might consider applying for this program.

ICfL will work with 3-4 public libraries to replicate the pilot program that was tested in Ada County in 2012.

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to minimize summer learning loss, especially among disadvantaged or underserved children.

Outcome: Children attending their local Boys and Girls Club (BGC) over the summer maintain reading proficiency levels when they return to school in the fall.


  1. Children are given daily access to high-interest high-quality books.
  2. Children are given time every day to read.
  3. Public libraries bring weekly summer programs to sites with high
    percentages of “underserved” children and teens.

The main requirements of the program are as follows. There is room for flexibility as to how to best meet these requirements, and ICfL will provide support as needed.

  • The BGC administration must commit to establishing comfortable space and shelving for a “Reading Corner” that is accessible by children and teens. Space can be divided between the two age groups if desired.
  • The library will inventory their BGC’s existing collection of books in February and March, and submit needs to ICfL. ICfL will provide approximately 200 titles to help establish reading corners at the Club. Reading Corners need to be ready by the end of May, 2014.
  • Library staff, with support from ICfL, will present information about summer learning loss and access to print to each site’s staff before the summer programs begin. This training must be face-to-face.
  • The library will work with the BGC to design weekly library outreach visits over the summer months.
  • The library will work with the BGC to develop a way to track the amount of reading accomplished by students each week, either in minutes or number of books read.
  • Surveys will be administered to BGC children in order to determine children’s attitudes toward reading, approximate amount of time spent reading at home, and self-perception of reading ability. (If the Club serves a large number of children a random sample of children is acceptable.)
  • The library/BGC staff will survey children, as well as submit the final total of books/minutes read to ICfL for analysis of data. Library and BGC staff may also opt to collect and analyze additional data, or provide such data to school administrators, etc. 

Applications are due February 10, 2014. Submit to Staci Shaw:
Idaho Commission for Libraries
325 W. State Street
Boise, ID 83702
Fax: 208-334-4016