Call for Ideas for 2015 Summer Reading Theme: Heroes (Adult's Manual)'s picture

Slogan: “Escape the Ordinary”

Deadline: November 15,2013


Send to:

Patti Sinclair, editor


306 Virginia Terrace

Madison, WI  53726


Below you’ll find some of the ideas suggested at the spring CSLP conference for “Escape the Ordinary,” the slogan for the 2015 Summer Library Program’s Heroes theme. Other ideas are most welcome!


If you have presented a program on one of the following topics, or have ideas for other programs or decorating/display ideas, send them in with details along with any special space needs or personnel.  Portable program ideas, ideas for reaching underserved populations are needed as are crossword puzzles, quizzes or other reproducibles.

Escape the Ordinary: in your daily lives

  • Self improvement,  learn new skills, job training, new hobbies,
    Salsa lessons 
  • Chocolate Fest 
  • Taste of….  Have restaurants come and demonstrate different
  • Be a hero in your community: teach
    someone to read 
  • Volunteer fair. Match adults with
    organizations.  Family sign up for
    volunteering. If whole family signs up, perhaps they can enter in a drawing for
    a family basket of prizes. Also whole family signing up for summer reading. 
  • Veterans. Working with military.
    Writing notes to vets, vet groups 

Escape the Ordinary : in your reading

  • Online book groups. Encourage reading
    different genres. If you have offered an online book group, please provide
    details of how it was run. 
  • Skyping with authors.  What authors have you skyped with?  Any tips for doing a program like this?  Any authors in particular that would broadly fit into this theme? 
  • Challenge to read other genres 
  • Armchair traveler. Many of us escape the ordinary by reading/hearing about travels to unusual places.  What books, films, speakers might work for this program? 
  • What I’m reading. Ask local notables what they are reading and post online or in library. Or make book display with
    their  books. Perhaps local paper could publish as well.             

Escape the Ordinary: Heroes, Fallen Heroes and Villains

  • Veterans Day program. Flag ceremonies, American the Beautiful 
  • Guitar heroes for adults tournaments; program on Rock Heroes, pop culture heroes 
  • Religious Heroes from different religions  Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. invite professors to speak 
  • Gangsters of the 20s/flappers  Flapper/gangster party—books/movies to accompany this? What other villain-type program might you do? 
    • Family/adult Super hero party. Come as your favorite superhero—from comics, movies,     history, mythology
    •  Find Your Hero speed dating
    • Fallen hero jeopardy/trivia program
    • Adult murder mystery program—any ideas?

Escape the Ordinary: In Your Community

  • Doing programs out in the community 
  • Mother daughter book club in coffee shop 
  • Walking groups 
  • Poetry on the lawn 
  • Storytelling in the community 

Escape the Ordinary: Family Programs (the youth manual offers some family programs, but there is demand for them in the Adult Manual as well.) 

  • Extraordinary Vehicles: Firetrucks, helicopter, big vehicles for adults/family program
  • Family Superhero party
  • What other family program ideas fit into this theme?