Call for Ideas for 2015 Summer Reading Theme: Heroes (Children's Manual)'s picture

The Collaborative Summer Library Programs (CSLP) is looking forward to having a heroic summer in 2015 but they need your help. Please send all of your super ideas to Children's Manual editor Amanda Struckmeyer (see contact info). They should be intended for Grades K-4 and families. Any tips on making them inclusive are welcome also.
There will be a separate call for ideas for the Early Literacy Manual. Thank you for sharing your creativity nationwide!

 Slogan: “Every Hero Has a Story”

The working chapter titles are:

  • Community Heroes (helpers in the community, family members)
  • Heroes throughout History
    (heroes in mythology, tall tales, true stories of historical heroes)
  • Superhero Training Camp
    (children get the superhero experience as they dress up and act like superheroes)
  • Trusty Sidekicks (focusing on the often overlooked but very important sidekick)
  • Superheroes to the Rescue
    (superheroes in books, conventional and not-so-conventional superheroes)

Send your ideas for activities, crafts, books, and music.

Also needed are  your ideas for:

  • School visits and other ways of promoting the program in your community (a skit or puppet show is always welcome!)
  • Setting the scene: library decorations, bulletin boards, props, etc.
  • Family literacy programs
  • Original puppet plays, especially for one or two puppeteers
  • Outreach ideas for underserved groups

Please respond by September 30, 2013.  Send your ideas to:

Amanda Struckmeyer
309 N. Hillside Terrace
Madison, WI  53705
(608) 256-9737