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A comprehensive program evaluation of Idaho Commission for Libraries' (ICFL) Read to Me First Book program was conducted by Boise State University Literacy Professor Dr. Roger Stewart. Dr. Stewart has been collecting data regarding the First Book program and other Read to Me early literacy programs for three years; he has compiled his findings in annual reports for 2008, 2009, and 2010. Results have clearly showed the efficacy and efficiency of all Read to Me programs. For the 2010-2011 Read to Me First Book program cycle the evaluation continued building on previous findings. Some highlights:

  • Almost 95% of respondents reported that as a result of the RTM First Book program they read more with their child/children.
  • Almost 82% of respondents reported that as a result of the RTM First Book program they are more likely to use the library to check out books, and 76% were more likely to attend programs at the library.
  • As a result of the RTM First Program the majority of respondents became more interactive with their children while they read together, and reinforced early literacy skills throughout the day: 93% were more likely to ask their child/children questions that prompt a retelling of a story; 87% spent more time “playing” with letters with their child/children; and over 80% began showing their child/children the print in signs.
  • Participants’ “awareness of good books” and appreciation for this awareness remains strong across three administrations of the survey. This is one of the strongest and most resilient outcomes of the program. Many parents commented that the titles we provided encouraged them to read books they would not have previously chosen, and now they look for a wider variety of genres to share with their children.

“Over the past three years, virtually no respondents reported being “Not Satisfied” with the
First Book program," reports Dr. Stewart. "This is a very positive outcome… Obviously, this, like the other ICFL sponsored early literacy programs, is an extremely well-managed and effectively delivered program that experiences very high positive regard from virtually all participants."

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