Summer Reading Program Manual for 2014: Call for Ideas for Adult Manual's picture

Adult Program Manual 2014: Literary Elements (Science theme)

Please send ideas on any of the topics below to Patti Sinclair at no
later than November 15, 2012.

 Portable program ideas, ideas for reaching underserved populations, and decorating ideas are especially needed. If you have done programs with any of the following content, or just have some great ideas, please share them!

1. Science Fiction programs: book club; discussion; sci fi author visit; booklist; Dr. Who, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

2. Mad Scientist Trope in TV, Movies, literature; Discussion, film series, etc.

3. Investigative Science: Sherlock Holmes, House (TV program) and other spinoffs; forensics

4. Science Issues of the Day: Displays, Discussion, Speakers, films; What would be good topics? Disease? Climate? Pollution?

5. Great Scientist series: Biographies, booklists, documentaries, women in science

6. Literary Nonfiction: Authors who write eloquently about science: Steven Jay Gould, Edward O. Wilson, Carl Sagan, Rachel Carson, Steven Hawking, Lewis Thomas, James D. Watson, etc.

7. Inventions: Invent-o-rama. Invite “makers” to your library to create something awesome

8. Science and Art / Science of Art. Photography contest, color

9. Cookin’ Up Some Science. Reading is easy as Pi. Cooking program? Home remedies: why/how they work.

10. Science Gone Wrong

11. History of Science

12. Discover__________. Topics of your choice.

13. Family Program ideas?

14. STEM Grant program for libraries?

15. Programs on new technologies, software, or devices for seniors or persons with