The school librarian/teacher partnership

Librarian/Teacher partnership

In the School Zone section of the Oct. 10 issue of The Scoop, we talk about the importance and benefits of collaboration. We'd love to hear your personal stories of successes and challenges. This is also a great opportunity to practice blogging for those of you taking the Splat 101! course...!

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    Small Step

    We just finished up our yearly book fair and had three public librarians volunteer to help. They come and help staff the fair and in the meantime, have time to browse the selection of books, talk with our students, and talk with me, the teacher librarian. Although it's not a major collaboration in any sense of the word, it is a way to start making the connection and, hopefully, ideas that came up during our informal conversations will lead to future collaboration. I hope to return the favor since their book fairs are coming up!
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    Teacher Librarian, Wood River Middle School
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    Giant Leap

    It's so great that you have formed partnerships with the public librarians! For reasons I'm still trying to investigate, there do not seem to be a lot of close partnerships out there between the schools and the public libraries. What are your thoughts?

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    school collaboration

    I am the librarian at an elementary school. We have a collaboration schedule set up so every teacher, specialist, and even the principal are all on the same page. Since I am unable to attend the collaboration meetings (due to my schedule), I made up a simple form for the teachers to take notes on for me. We plan for the next month and each grade does the same subjects/studies at the same time. Since I get the notes, it provides me the opportunity to expand the classroom studies into the library. It also helps me know what books to suggest to the students and also what books to read during story hour for the younger grades. It is very beneficial to myself, the teachers, and expecially the students when we are all on the same page.'s picture

    Great way to bypass roadblocks!

    My first thought is, Why are you not a part of the collaboration schedule? You are an integral part of that team, and you have expertise that is vital to the learning process. My second thought is, Good for you that you figured out a way to be a part of the team anyway! Are you using any kind of planning template? Check out the Oct. 24 issue of The Scoop- I plan to include some links to some great planning templates that school librarians use.