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Favorite Literary Couples of 2013

The following was published in February's issue of The Scoop...

My First Books Applications for 2014-2015 Available Now

My First Books is a Read to Me program that has been successfully implemented since 1997. Formerly titled "Read to Me First Book," this program strengthens partnerships between public libraries and local schools, preschools, Head Start sites, and child care providers.'s picture

Boys and Girls Clubs Summer Reading Partnerships Application

If you have a Boys and Girls Club in your area, you might consider applying for this program.

ICfL will work with 3-4 public libraries to replicate the pilot program that was tested in Ada County in 2012.

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to minimize summer learning loss, especially among disadvantaged or underserved children.

Apply Now for Bright Futures Summer Outreach Programs

The Commission is now accepting applications for Bright Futures Summer Outreach Programs. These opportunities are designed to reach more children with summer reading programs, especially those considered “underserved.” Each program is designed to achieve specific outcomes and participating libraries must report results in the ICfL annual summer reading programs report.'s picture

Start a New Holiday Tradition

This holiday season include books and reading in your celebrations by participating in "A Book on Every Bed." Supported and promoted by Family Reading Partnerships (, this ritual has become a tradition in my family, and it is something we cherish and look forward to each year.

Summer Reading Manuals Headed Your Way!

Summer Reading Program manuals have been shipped out to every publicly-funded public library in Idaho that submitted their 2013 Summer Reading Report. Manuals are addressed to the library in general and not a specific person, so please keep an eye out and give your mail processing person a heads-up.'s picture

Call for Ideas for 2015 Summer Reading Theme: Heroes (Teen Manual)

Participants at the CSLP annual meeting in April brainstormed a list of possible program and event ideas. See list. Please add your own ideas, or expand on the ideas that are listed, and send to:'s picture

Call for Ideas for 2015 Summer Reading Theme: Heroes (Early Literacy Manual)

The Collaborative Summer Libraries Program (CSLP) would like you ideas for activities, crafts, programs, exploration stations, books, and music for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers for the slogan, "Every Hero Has a Story." Deadline is September 30, 2013.

The chapter headings are:'s picture

Call for Ideas for 2015 Summer Reading Theme: Heroes (Adult's Manual)

Slogan: “Escape the Ordinary”

Deadline: November 15,2013


Send to:

Patti Sinclair, editor


306 Virginia Terrace

Madison, WI  53726's picture

Call for Ideas for 2015 Summer Reading Theme: Heroes (Children's Manual)

The Collaborative Summer Library Programs (CSLP) is looking forward to having a heroic summer in 2015 but they need your help. Please send all of your super ideas to Children's Manual editor Amanda Struckmeyer (see contact info). They should be intended for Grades K-4 and families. Any tips on making them inclusive are welcome also.