A Book on Every Bed

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National advice columnist Amy Dickinson’s “Ask Amy” column promoted a great idea -- "A Book on Every Bed." Here’s how it works:

  • Take a book.
  • Wrap it.
  • Place it on a child’s bed so it’s the first thing she sees on Christmas morning (or whatever holiday you celebrate).
  • That’s it.

The column talks about the impact the tradition of Santa leaving a book on the foot of Pulizer-prize winning author and historian David McCullough’s bed. “I think my love of books began on Christmas mornings long ago and the love has never gone stale,” he related. Dickinson hopes librarians, teachers, and other literacy advocates will spread the idea “as far and wide as it will go, making it possible for any family that wants a child to receive a book to get one.” If your library or school has promoted “A Book on Every Bed,” we’d love to hear your ideas. Comment below or send an e-mail to Stephanie at ICfL. To read the entire “Dear Amy” column, visit The Washington Post online.