Talking Book Service Postal Carrier of 2012

Photo of James Nef, Talking Book Service Postal Carrier of 2012

Idaho's Talking Book Service (TBS) provides audio and Braille books and magazines to approximately 3400 users statewide.  All materials, including players, are delivered to the user and returned to the TBS via Free Postage for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Under this program, the National Library Service pays an annual stipend of several million dollars to the United States Postal Service for delivery of materials to the blind and physically disabled.

This year the TBS decided to recognize some of the many postal carriers who go above and beyond in their service.  TBS users were invited to nominate their postal carrier and describe their special actions.  And nominate them they did!  Seventy nominations were submitted from Arimo to Weiser. Several carriers were nominated by more than one user, and more than one carrier was nominated in several post offices .

It was a tough decision, but the selection committee selected James Nef from the Rexburg Post Office as the 2012 recipient.  Mr. Nef has worked in the Rexburg Post Office for 28 years and was nominated by two TBS users on his route: Gerry Adair and Jean Hope. Both users described Mr. Nef' as helpful, friendly, and kind.  Ms. Hope was appreciative that he had convinced her to move her mailbox closer to her front door.

All nominees were notified through their Post Offices and thanked for their excellent customer service. It is hoped this outreach will help Postal employees to better understand the Talking Book Service and the important role they play in meeting TBS users' information needs.