Volunteers in My Library?!

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National Volunteer Week 2013, April 21-27, is an opportunity to recognize and thank the almost 100 volunteers at ICfL that complete many important tasks everyday.  Many of the programs and services provided by the Commission would not be  successful without volunteer support.  Below is a partial list of the tasks they perform:

Support all Read To Me programs
Inspect returned Talking Book materials
Sticker and mail materials for all programs
Narrate locally produced books for the Talking Book Service

Many of Idaho's  libraries currently use volunteers to support their programs, but others aren't certain it is worth the time and effort to develop a volunteer program.  Questions such as "What would they do?",  "How much time does it take to recruit and train them?", and "What if they don't show up?" are valid.

A recent blog entitled "Build Capacity by Bringing in Back Up" suggests several first steps in recruiting volunteers who can help develop the volunteer program itself.  Ideas include recruiting a volunteer coordinator, a volunteer trainer, and a volunteer to promote the concept of volunteering in the community.  Sample job descriptions for each area are included to get you started.

Some would question the feasibility of identifying volunteers with the skill sets needed to perform the above tasks, but they are out there.  Better yet-they are willing to help you! Take a look at the blog, take it one step at a time, and next year,  you can be involved in National Volunteer Week.