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Engaging Volunteers Pilot Project

All publicly funded libraries in Idaho are invited to join the second year of the "Engaging Volunteers" Pilot Project.

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Volunteers in My Library?!

National Volunteer Week 2013, April 21-27, is an opportunity to recognize and thank the almost 100 volunteers at ICfL that complete many important tasks everyday.  Many of the programs and services provided by the Commission would not be  successful without volunteer support.  Below is a partial list of the tasks they perform:

Financial Literacy Month

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April is Financial Literacy Month, and Idaho's libraries are supporting the initiative with programs for all age groups.

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Exercises for the Brain?!

Looking for some fun games that will also improve your brain health?  FitBrains is the place to start!  Designed by clinical neuropsychologist Dr.

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Managing Volunteers Using Volunteers?

Is trying to organize and manage a volunteer management program getting you down?  Here's a tip: recruit a volunteer to help!  Using a volunteer will save time and energy and demonstrate to staff how effective a volunteer can be.  Volunteer Manager Susan Ellis' article Practicing What We Preach: Volunteer

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Idaho leads in volunteering!

According to the National Corporation for Community Service, in 2011 Idaho had the 2nd highest percentage of volunteers in the 50 states and territories (38.8% compared to Utah's 40.9%). Idaho's volunteers contributed 68.7 million hours of service totaling $1.4 billion. That's 58.4 volunteer hours per resident!
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Writing Volunteer Handbooks

VolunteerMatch continues to offer free resources to help non-profit organizations develop and maintain effective volunteer programs.  I recently attended a webinar on writing a volunteer handbook.  Similar to an employee handbook, it contains information about policies and procedures volunteers should be familiar with.  One of the most important steps emphasized is to include sta

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Libraries as Brain Health Centers summary

Libraries as Brain Health Centers
Most of us know the basics of a healthy body lifestyle: good nutrition, plenty of rest and exercise, no smoking. But what is a healthy brain lifestyle?
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Serve Idaho

I recently discovered Serve Idaho, a great resource for all things volunteer right here in Idaho.

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Money Smart Week @ your library

Money Smart Week @ your library is a national initiative between the ALA and the Federal Reserve Bank (Chicago) to provide financial literacy programming to help community members better manage their personal finances. Libraries of all types participate and
provide programming for all ages and all stages of life on diverse topics such as: