Robots in the Library!

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Idaho Libraries, are you interested in having a robotics
team in your library?

Idaho has received some funding for expanding the
national FIRST Robotics
program through the Idaho Afterschool Network.

 Your level of involvement might look any number of ways,

  •  having a staff member be a coach and participate
    in regional and state competitions (funds are available to support team travel
    & coach stipend).
  • allowing teams to meet at your library.
  • acting as a “kit host”, where your library
    agrees to circulate the robotics kit after this year’s competition.
  • having local teams show and tell their journey
    and cool robots at a library program.
  • inviting veteran team members to mentor younger
    kids in a robotics programming at your library.

 If you would like to learn more, please visit the program
page at
Teams are forming now to participate in this year’s competition.