Demo of Guided Capitol Tour at ILA

photo of Jeff Tucker and Shirley Biladeau at ILA Capitol Tour session

During the Idaho Library Association (ILA) Annual Conference we took a guided virtual tour of the State Capitol Building. Jeff Tucker of Idaho Public Television (IdahoPTV) was on site in Nampa and connected live at the Capitol with Michelle O’Brien of the Legislative Services Office (LSO) to take us on a quick tour and demonstrate how librarians can use this tool in their library programming, school classroom, or community. The guided tour is a great way to connect people with their Capitol and their legislators.

The tour is given using video teleconferencing equipment purchased with onetime funds provided by the Idaho Commission for Libraries through our Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant. The tour is designed for a legislator or tour guide to be located in the Capitol building while talking to virtual tour participants about the Capitol. Several video vignettes are used to lead the participants on a tour through the building as if they were there.

LSO will schedule your library’s tour and send a laptop for the video teleconference connection. IdahoPTV will coordinate a test call and connection for the day of the event. An LSO staff member will act as a tour guide, or as a joint tour guide if a legislator is present. The tour is about one hour.

- See a 4-minute overview of the tour at
- For details on how libraries can connect with Capitol Virtual Tour, see

The ILA session was sponsored by the Special Project Library Action Team (SPLAT) and the Idaho Commission for Libraries.