Public Libraries: Wi-Fi needs at your library?

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With the completion of the Commission’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) project, online@ your library, every public library in Idaho offers public access computing and Internet access. That’s pretty cool. Now the questions are:

  • If someone brings their own computing device into the library, is Wi-Fi available so they can access the Internet without having to use the library’s public access computer?
  • Is Wi-Fi access to the Internet available at the library even when the library is closed?

The survey linked below asks just these questions, with the intent to furnish those public libraries in Idaho that do not offer after-hours Wi-Fi access to their Internet the opportunity to be equipped to do so. With BTOP funds, the Commission will provide a Wi-Fi access point.

Please respond to this quick survey by December 10, noon MT, and we will be in touch with you with further info. Here is the survey link:

Idaho Commission for Libraries