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Inexpensive gaming console - great for libraries

JPL received a Game Wave console this morning. We've already set it up and played a bit in the staff area -- it is fun! We sampled a trivia game and a gem matching game. This is a great console for libraires because:

* play is simultanious -- no waiting for turns

* 6 people can play at a time!

* it is easy to learn the game remotes

* games are family friendly and often educational

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We Need Your Ideas!

Jerome Public Library has transformed the large concrete pad at the front door into a lovely and useful outdoor room. Meanwhile, we need the library community’s help in finding the perfect quote to tag our brass donor-acknowledgement plate. Maybe something that ties reading and the outdoors? Or community and comfort? I don’t know, and that is why I’m asking you.

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Ready, Steady, GO!

Ready: ICFL builds a virtual community space where library people from all over the state can share, discuss, brainstorm, dream, collaborate, and just plain get to know each other.

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Will Libraries Have Espresso Book Machines?

Want to see an Espresso Book Machine make a book? Watch this video. It is an ad, but worth watching to spark ideas about future libraries.

Check It Out!

It seems like ages ago that Kimberly Bolan's "Teen Spaces: second edition" was published. I finally got it in my hands today. There is a reason that I asked my director to buy this book rather than checking it out from PDS -- my library is IN it! How cool is that?

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The Tough Teens

A short story: Long ago, a library started working with teens to provide a space, services, and programs for them and their peers. It all proved popular. Library policiies evolved, making the library a comfortable and welcoming third place for teens (and kids, and others who like a comfortable free place to meet and hang out where they aren't expected to buy anything.)

Library in Your Pocket

You may have heard that Washington DC public library has an iPhone app. But if you aren't familiar with iPhones, you may not know what this means for them and their users.

Region 4 Conference

I may own a first. Yesterday, at the ILA region 4 conference, Anthony Doerr signed my copy of his eBook Four Seasons in Rome.A signed eBook! I had to assure him that it was more than O.K. To write on my iPod Touch case.

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Thoughts on Partnerships

Who writes the prompts for the "Blog Topic of the Moment"? I am a little sorry for that writer, because our library community is slow to respond. I'm here to tell the poster -- don't worry, we'll catch on!

My thoughts on partnerships:

* More minds make for better overall results for any project
* More hands makes for more fun and less overwhelming tasks

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What I'm Reading

O.K., I'll address the "blog topic of the moment" in hopes that others will too. The ICFL Community blog has so so much potential -- Let's all use it! As I write this, there are eight "guests" who are at this moment visiting the community blog. After you've read, log in and post what you're reading. Please? And all of you other community members -- log in and post! Rah Rah Rah!