First Time Conference Grant information



The First Time Conference Grant is designed to provide the opportunity for library staff to attend regional or national library conferences for the first time which fulfill an identified professional development need for the participant and their role in the library. Participants are limited to one First Time Conference Grant during each State Fiscal Year (July-June). Grant awards are for a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $900 and applications are due 50 calendar days prior to the start of the conference. Please see the 2017-2018 CE Grant Guide for more details on this grant. If the participant is presenting at the library conference, there must also be opportunities for professional development, as demonstrated through one of the transfer of knowledge deliverables required after conference attendance.


All applicants must complete the Pre-Application Process outlined on the "Funding for Libraries" page. Once this process is finished, complete the following two forms to apply for a First Time Conference Grant. If you have any questions or issues with these forms, please contact the Grants Officer at (208) 334-2150.

  • LSTA Eligibility Checklist (Fillable PDF) -
  • Complete this form and save to your computer - it will be uploaded to the online application. Depending on the browser you are using, this form may need to be downloaded first to make it "fillable." If an e-signature cannot be obtained, please print out the completed checklist, obtain signature, scan and save to your computer for upload to the online application.

  • First Time Conference Grant Application (Online Form) -
  • This is an online form that needs to be completed in one sitting. It is recommended that you print and review the application prior to completing it so you can gather the required information. To print, click on the application title, right-click in the application and select "print."

    When you are finished filling out the application, select the "Submit" button on the last page and a copy of your submitted application will be emailed to you and the library supervisor listed on the application. Your application process is complete! ICfL will provide a response to your application within 10 business days.


    Grant Evaluation/Reimbursement forms are due to ICfL approximately one month following the end of your conference (see page 2 of your Grant Agreement for specific date).   Review the grant evaluation/reimbursement instructions below and complete the grant evaluation/reimbursement form online via Jotform (linked below). 

  • 1st Time Conference Grant Evaluation/Reimbursement Instructions (Word Download)
  • ICfL CE Grant Evaluation and Request for Reimbursement Form (online form via Jotform)


    If we do not have your organization in our statewide vendor system, we may ask you to complete a W-9.

  • Form W-9 (Fillable PDF)


    As outlined in the Grant Conditions on the"Funding for Libraries" page, six months after your conference concludes, you will be expected to participate in a follow-up session with fellow participants where you will share challenges/successes of implementing your new skill/program, stories of impact, and lessons learned. See the document below for a sneak peek of what will be expected of each participant at this time:

  • Six Month CE Follow-Up Grant Report (online form via Jotform)



    Questions? Contact ICfL's Grants Officer at (208) 334-2150.