From the Twin Falls Public Library

Twin Falls Public Library

Helping Readers Bloom Book List, compiled by Erica Littlefield for the Magic Valley Regional ILA Conference, 2009
Suggested Reading Bookmarks (Age/subject specific):
Great Books for Kindergarten: These books with simple words and wonderful illustrations are perfect for your little boy or girl as they start school. They’re great to read aloud together and can also help your child start reading on their own.
Brilliant Books for First Grade: First graders will dive right in to these books with engaging storylines and characters.
Super Second Grade Books: Whether you’re looking for books about pets, history, or sports, here are some books to help you get through the second grade.
Terrific Books for Third Grade: Take the time to get lost in these books about everything from kings and queens, to science projects, to pirates.
Fourth Grade Books are Fantastic: These books will help you discover new worlds, places and times, all while you’re still in the fourth grade.
Fabulous Fifth Grade Books: Take a break from all the homework and enjoy one of these exciting books.
After Twilight (and New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn): Fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series can really sink their teeth into these novels about vampires, werewolves and love. If the thought of Edward Cullen or Jacob Black sets your heart aflutter, these are must-reads!
Beyond Harry: Did you cry like Moaning Myrtle when the final Harry Potter book came out? Never fear, witches and wizards! Here are some other books that will whisk you away to magical worlds with fantastical creatures. They’ll have you hooked before you can say Quidditch!
Captain Underpants: If you love Dav Plikey’s series about brave Captain Underpants, try these other books on for size. They’re fun, funny, and something the whole family can enjoy.