Fun with Math & Science Family Workshops

Project Overview

Fun with Math & Science is a Read to Me program offered to Idaho public libraries. This STEAM program is targeted to preschool-aged children and their caregivers. An application process is used for participation. Applications are generally accepted in late Spring for workshops to be held anytime between September and May.

First Year Libraries
If you are a first time applicant to this program you are required to host at least two workshops during the year-long project. If your library is accepted to participate you will receive materials and resources to support your workshops. These may include:
  • Tri-fold display and custom graphics
  • Hardcover non-fiction books
  • STEAM Materials and Kits
  • The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book - give away copies for all families in attendance
  • Promotional materials
Returning Libraries
Returning libraries are required to host only one additional workshop this year and need to reapply each year. As a returning library you will receive additional STEAM materials and kits to support your programs.
Resources for Library Workshops


  • Online Summary Report - please complete 2 weeks after your last workshop
  • Parent Survey-English Spanish Please forward completed surveys to ICfL within two weeks of workshop.
  • Program Overview
  • Handout of Recommended Websites
  • PowerPoint: for use in your library
  • Sample Flyer
  • 2015

    Fun with Math and Science Resources

    The application process ended June 30, 2016 for the 2016-2017 FUN WITH MATH AND SCIENCE program.
    This program is limited to public libraries in Idaho

    Online Gameboard for Parents and Kids

    Stem Gameboard Parents can explore fun and educational sites with their child using the Fun with Math and Science Gameboard we created. Every click of the mouse takes them to a different science experiment, math game, puzzle, and more. We have gathered together some of the best kid sites on the web and made a fun game out of exploring them all.