Spring 2009 Books on Tape Update Order Form Podcast

In this Podcast:

  • (VCT 1118) Challenge the Wind by Christine Echeverria Bender and read by Carla Stern
  • (VCT 1119) Idaho Snapshots by Rick Just and read by Sue Vap
  • (VCT 1120) The Saints of God's Country by Edward Craner and read by Maryan Stephens
  • (VCT 1121) Echoes from the Ada County Courthouse, 1938-2001 by Arthur Hart and read by Maryan Stephens
  • (VCT 1122) My Mother Can Beat Up Your Father by Danny Langdon and read by Nichole Albertson
  • (VCT 1123) Something's Cooking: The First Angie Amalfi Mystery by Joanne Pence and read by Maryan Stephens
  • (VCT 1124) Train of Innocents: The Story of the Kennedy Train by Everell Cummins and read by Susan Johnson
  • (VCT 1125) On the Road: Twenty Great Day Trips from McCall by Kathy Hill and read by Tracie Lee
  • (VCT 1127) Idaho's Bunker Hill: the Rise and Fall of a Great Mining Company, 1885-1981 by Katherine Aiken and read by Lana Thurston
  • (VCT 1128) Pioneer Voices of Priest Lake by Kris Smith and read by Sue Vap
  • (VCT 1129) Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science by Jeff Meldrum and read by Julie Iffla
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