Spring 2011 Connections: Talking Book Service News (PDF & Podcast)

In this Special Edition of the TBS Newsletter :

Attached is a PDF of the Spring 2011 Connections: Talking Book Service News, the ICFL Talking Book Service newsletter.

In this issue:

  • TBS Awareness Day and Library Snapshot Day
  • National Library Service (NLS) visit
  • Eligible Institutions can register with BARD
  • Recent Donations
  • What Are You Reading?
  • Magazine Corner
  • New Books Order Form
  • Customer Service Representative retires
  • Volunteer Appreciation Week
  • TBS 10 Squared (102) Club
  • Locally recorded books now cartridge-only

The Online Order form can be found at http://libraries.idaho.gov/TBS/CurrentBooks/Spring2011

Links to the newsletter and New Books podcasts are at http://libraries.idaho.gov/publications/books-on-tape-update

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