e-Branch in a Box

Ebranch in a BoxE-branch in a Box is an initiative from the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) to assist Idaho libraries in having a web presence, which is defined as having a vital website that is an extension of the library providing information about or access to library services.

e-Branch in a Box Purpose

The Idaho Commission for Libraries' e-Branch in a Box project enables Idaho libraries and related library organizations to establish a web presence taking advantage of edit-in-place technology, RSS and blogging capabilities, requiring a minimum of specialized technical knowledge and software.

e-Branch in a Box Project Scope Statement

The e-Branch in a Box project exists to realize its purpose by supporting participants, promoting usage, and maintaining and improving the e-Branch system. The project is designed specifically to allow libraries to manage text-, HTML-, image- and RSS-based content on the Internet. Managing multimedia content (such as video, Flash, podcasts, etc.) is possible through e-Branch but is not officially supported, with the exception of images, and is considered outside of scope when advanced support is necessary. 

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