School Libraries

Study after study shows that a good school library program is linked to higher student achievement. We work to support school library staff in their efforts to develop effective school library programs. The school librarian, one of the few people in a school who has contact with every student and every teacher, plays a central role in the development of the library program and curriculum. With this advantage, the school librarian supports teachers and helps students read and learn to their potential.

ICfL works to support school libraries and school library staff by:

providing opportunities and platforms, whether in person, virtually, or digitally, for school library staff to share innovations and best practices;

identifying and highlighting new technologies useful for the school library;

encouraging libraries to develop and deliver innovative programs or services;

working with partners and encouraging school library staff to work with partners to achieve goals and benefit students;

working to ensure access to information, resources, and consulting services

advocating for school libraries on the local, district and state level and encouraging school library staff to do the same


School Library Programs

Low Hanging Fruit

Newsletter that features tips and tools from the school libraries.

NonFiction Book of the Month

Awesome page that features book of the month.

Summer Summit

Awesome conference where we talk about issues of the day.


For more Information contact:

Jeannie Standal
School Library Consultant
Idaho Commission for Libraries
325 W. State Street
Boise, ID  83702