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[Stacks], the Idaho Digital Repository, is a cooperative project of the Idaho Commission for Libraries and all state agencies. It is a searchable centralized collection of digital publications that are created by state agencies for the purpose of public information. It was created by state statute 33-2505.

[Stacks] does not contain any material created on the city or county level, nor historical material created by other entities not considered state agencies. Although there may be some slight overlap between [Stacks] and the Idaho State Archives, the Archives primarily provides public access and archival management for the State's permanent records -  records of enduring legal, historical, or cultural value.  The Archives also collects a broad range (both printed and digital) of documents and other resources which bear significance to the history of Idaho and the surrounding region.

For access to Federal Documents, the University of Idaho Library has served for over a century as an official regional despository of U.S. federal government publications, making almost two million federal documents available to the public.