importance of Idaho libraries

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The 17th Annual Idaho Public Policy Survey, conducted by Boise State University and released in January 2006, included the question “Overall, how important are libraries in our state?” The responses (n=534, with a +/- error of 4%) showed 77.2% choosing “very important” and 20.5% choosing “somewhat important”. Only 0.2% choose “not important at all”.

Fast forward to February 7th — three library bond elections failed (Boise, Lewiston, & Twin Falls). I read that there was low voter turn-out, too many people dislike the property tax, and we don’t need libraries because we have the Internet.

I suggest that we probe the reasons why 97% say libraries are important but choose not to vote or support the building of local libraries in three major urban areas within the state. Collectively, we who care about the future of libraries, need to ignite sparks of enthusiasm and support for libraries–or they will surely fall to the apathy and neglect described by Professor Janes.