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Promote the Talking Book Service within your community! Share information on the program with a brochure or display or identify organizations within your community who work with those requiring reading alternatives.

  • NeverStopReading Public Service Announcements: Use either of these two 30 second PSAs on your website to inform users unable to read standard print about the Talking Book Service:
    PSA produced in 2013
    PSA produced in 2015
  • Talking Book Service overview: Learn about the Talking Book Service with this PowerPoint presentation.
  • Talking Book Service Brochure: Available in both English and Spanish, this brochure outlines the service and allows the reader to request an information packet.
  • Talking Book Service order form: Order your brochures, check out the display or request Talking Book  player and books.
  • Press Release: Publicize your library's resources and services that are usable by those unable to read standard print.
  • Talking Book Service staff presentations: Talking Book Service staff can come to your library to explain the program and demonstrate use of the equipment to staff, users, and community organizations. Contact Sue Walker to schedule a visit.

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