SL Futures TT Followup

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This is a request to the SL staff members who attended the Futures Think Tank last month. Jan, I’m including you because you are a Steering Committee member, participate in the blog, and attended both northern regional meetings so I’m sure you have some thoughts on this.

One of my initial responses after the Think Tank was that I wished we had resources (primarily staff time) to get started on several new things. My second thought was that we have some outstanding staff, so what can we stop doing or do differently so that staff can do something new?

While the futures process isn’t completed yet, I’m curious what you see on the horizon that would be new for us to take on. My intent is to start a discussion based on our collective reactions to the process so far. It’s also opening up the staffing needs discussion even wider before coming back to the already-identified need for more IT and web staff.

In light of the draft vision concepts (

), the discussions you heard and reading you’ve done, what do you think the Idaho library community needs to tackle soon that may have staffing implications for the State Library?