Annual Calendar of Events

Annual Cycle of City Library Events:

City Cycle of events City library trustees are appointed, not elected. This can happen at various times during the year. In addition, the board sets the date of their annual meeting.


October 1

Fiscal Year Begins for City Libraries

§ 50-1001:

January 1

Annual report to the Board of Library Commissioners

§ 33-2611


City Library Board Annual Meeting - Held According to the Board's Bylaws

§ 33-2606:


City Library Board Conducts Library Director's Performance Appraisal

§ 33-2607(8):


City Budget Hearings

§ 33-2607(5):

§ 33-2609:

See also § 50-1002, Idaho Code.

September 30

Fiscal year ends


Annual Cycle of District Library Events: district library trustees are elected to an independent taxing district, the cycle of the year is guided by Idaho Code.


October 1

Fiscal Begins for District Libraries

 § 33-2726:

November 30

Notify County Clerk(s) of Upcoming Elections

§ 34-1405: 

January 1

Annual Report to the Board of Library Commissioners 

§ 33-2726:


Directors/Boards Prepare for Upcoming Trustee Elections (Odd-Numbered Years Only) and Bond, Levy Override, Recall and Other Elections for the May Election

Trustee Election 

§ 33-2715(1) and (2):

Bond Election

§ 33-2728:

Permanent Levy Override Election

§ 63-802(1)(g):

Temporary Levy Override Election

§ 63-802(3):

Recall Election

§ 33-2716(2):


County Clerk(s) Advertise in Newspapers – Petitions Available with the Clerk of the District
§ 34-1405:

Last Day Candidate Nominations Accepted
§ 34-1404:

Last Day to Certify the Wording for Other Ballot Questions
§ 34-106(8):


Last Day to File as a Write-in Candidate; First Day to Declare the Election of a Single Candidate (Odd-Numbered Years Only)

§ 34-1407: 
§ 33-2717A:
§ 33-2717: 


Notify County Clerk(s) of Budget Hearing Date by April 30

§ 63-802A: 


Last Day to Declare the Election of a Single Candidate (Odd-Numbered Years Only)
§ 33-2717:

Election Day – Third Tuesday in May of Each Year
§ 34-106(1)(a):


Annual Meeting

§ 33-2719: 


Budget Hearing

§ 33-2725: 


Certification of Budget

§ 63-803: 

Fiscal Year Ends September 30

September - October

Prepare for November Election as Necessary

See the Secretary of State’s Election Calendar


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