The Board Meeting – Guidelines for the Board Chairperson

Before Meetings

Plan the meeting carefully: when, where, what, why, who?
Prepare a timed agenda in advance. Allow adequate time for the items listed.
Ask staff to mail/distribute the agenda, related reports, statistics, etc., at least ten days in advance.
Ask staff to publish or post public notice of meetings.

Begin Meeting

  • Start on time with roll call.
  • Introduce visitors and/or new board members.
  • Discuss action from previous meeting.
  • Review, revise, and approve agenda.
  • Approve minutes.

During Meeting

  • Focus on issues at hand.
  • Follow agenda and established order of business as stated in the by-laws.
  • Establish action items: who, what, when.

End Meeting

  • Review and evaluate meeting progress, decisions, etc.
  • Announce next meeting and develop preliminary agenda.
  • Adjourn meeting officially.

After Meeting

  • Ensure that minutes are compiled and sent to board members.
  • Follow up on action items.
  • Begin planning for next meeting.
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