In 1998, under Governor Batt’s leadership, Idaho legislators unanimously passed legislation to fund the Libraries Linking Idaho Databases (LiLI-D), thanks to Idaho librarians’ collective efforts. Our legislators have continued to fund the databases ever since. Using these branding options to lets your users know where the databases come from, and displaying the "funded by LiLI" statement acknowledges the tough decisions made by funding leaders year to year to support the program.

Option 1 – eBranch

Libraries using the ICfL eBranch in a Box service for their website have their links to services built right in. Branding and administrative updates to databases take place automatically for eBranch users. If your library has an eBranch hosted by, there is no need to take further action for branding the databases.  Learn more about eBranch in a Box.

Option 2 – LiLI Logo With LinkLiLI Databases Logo

On the library’s website, include a link to using the logo with a built-in link to the databases. To do this, simply copy and paste the code below to the website page where you want to link to the databases.  This is an easy option for libraries that do not subscribe to additional databases beyond what is available through LiLI.

<a href=""><img src="" width="180" height="89" /></a>

Option 3 – Individual Database Links

If the library subscribes to databases in addition to what is available through, or if the library simply prefers to highlight specific databases and/or list them individually; you can use the individual database logos pre-branded for use in Idaho libraries. This is the best option for libraries that use images or logos to link to their services. Use the image links on the Branded LiLI Logos Page to easily copy and paste the code to your library’s website.

Option 4 – Funded By LiLI Button

Libraries listing research databases individually without using the logos, can insert the “Funded by LiLI” button next to those tools available through To use this option, just copy the code below where you want the image to appear. 

<a href=""><img


If your library is unable to work with these branding options, please contact the LiLI Librarian to discuss alternative methods.