Bright Futures: Summer Outreach to Underserved Children Application

Underserved children/teens include those who live below the poverty line, who are reading below grade level, are English language learners, children who live in rural areas, or children who have difficulty getting to the library, e.g. children in daycare or those who do not have transportation.

What libraries will receive: Participating libraries will receive age-appropriate paperback books (preK through high school). These will be provided based on the information submitted below. Some bilingual/Spanish books may be available upon request. A Summer Reading Yard Sign will also be provided this year to help brand and market your outreach program.

Terms of Agreement:

  1. Libraries must have a community partner: an agency, organization, daycare or school that can help the library reach underserved children.
  2. Plan at least one program targeting underserved children to be held outside the library during summer reading program (June, July, and August).
  3. Track the number of sites visited and approximate number of children at each site for Summer Reading Report.
  4. The library must formally evaluate its summer reading program. See for sample surveys and more about formal evaluation.

Apply by May 1