Bright Futures Summer Reading Opportunities: School Partnerships

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It takes a village to maintain reading gains over the summer! Though this outreach opportunity is coordinated by the public library, the program focus is about active involvement on the school’s part to get students to participate in the library summer reading program. A partnership package containing the following items will be provided for both the library and the school(s) upon acceptance of the application.

  • One 24” x 60” vinyl banner with the slogan “Fizz, Boom, Read!”
  • Fifteen hardcover books, fiction and non-fiction titles, to add to the library’s collection (Booklist available February 2014.)
  • Bonus: If the school achieves its goal for student participation, the school and library each receive five additional hardcover books for their collections in the fall.

Desired Outcome:

  • Students in elementary school will maintain reading achievement skills over the summer by participating in a library summer reading program.


  • The public library and elementary school collaborate to minimize summer learning loss.
  • Public library staff, the principal, and the school librarian collaborate to increase student participation in the public library's summer reading program.


  • Publicly-funded public libraries may apply.
  • Public library must provide regularly scheduled summer programs for the targeted school-age students during the application year. If your library is planning construction or remodeling this summer, and regularly scheduled programs will not be held in an alternate location, the library does not qualify for this program.
  • Public libraries must partner with public elementary schools (private, parochial, preschools, middle/junior high schools, daycares, or home school organizations do not qualify).
  • "Participation" in the library's summer reading program must not be dependent solely on physical attendance at on-site library programs.

Program summary:

See details of each program component before applying.
  1. Libraries can apply to partner with up to three schools. See details.
  2. Meet with each school’s principal and librarian. Develop a collaborative plan that describes what the school and library will each do to increase student participation, and set a participation goal. See details.
  3. Track school’s student participation in Summer Library Programs. See details.
  4. Plan a collaborative recognition event in the fall for students who completed the SRP. See details.
  5. Submit a follow-up report by September 15, 2014. See details.

*A note about the partnership packages: Books are for the libraries’ collections and are not to be used as student prizes. If you cannot use the vinyl banner please give it to a library, school, business, or organization; you may also choose to return it to ICfL to re-distribute.

Application deadline: March 20, 2014

Application Process: 

  1. Read detailed program components above and/or watch this short webinar.
  2. Meet with principal(s) and school librarian(s) at up to three elementary schools to design collaborative plan and determine participation goals.
    Printable template of activities to send to principals and school librarians
  3. Apply online by March 20. (Signatures of applicant and library director or branch manager will be required in order to submit application. A copy of the application will be emailed to each principal and school librarian, along with a link so that each can provide an electronic signature agreeing to the terms and conditions of the collaborative plan.)

Printable copy of Application Instructions and Program Components

Apply Now


Questions? Email

Resources for Principal/ School Librarian Meetings: 
Summer Learning Loss Handout
School Partnerships PowerPoint Presentation (coming soon)
Ways Libraries and Schools Have Collaborated to Promote Summer Reading
2014 List of Titles (Available in February)

Follow-Up Report: Due September 15, 2014 (click to complete and submit)

Note: This is not the same report as your general Summer Reading Program report, which is due August 31.


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Institute of Museum and Library Services logoFunding for this program is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, under a provision of the Library Services and Technology Act.