Do You Know Your Community?

Do you know?

  • Which shelves in your library are always empty?
  • Which journals are most used --or lost?
  • Who is not coming into your library?
  • Who the local authors, artists, musicians, dancers are?
  • What products are made in your community?
  • What and how people celebrate?
  • Who the decision makers are?

Listen to your friends, acquaintances, business associates:

  • Drive home a different way
  • Stop and see a friend you haven't seen for years
  • Join a new organization
  • Wear your library trustee hat everywhere
  • Have fun being a trustee
  • Support your library director
  • Talk: be noisy about your library

How to write a news release:

  • Know the cultural interests of the community
  • Go to the editor for help
  • Feature something special

How to plan a public relations campaign:

  • Set objectives
  • Know your target group
  • Find out who will mail your library flyers with their routine mailing

How to tell the library story:

  • Know the library story, read, talk to the local libraries, talk to other trustees
  • Collect those interesting library anecdotes
  • Learn to be comfortable speaking to groups
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