Early Literacy Stations

Literacy Stations are a great tool for librarians to use during parent workshops, family events, or storytimes. They can include books and activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and early school-age children and are based on the Six Early Literacy Skills. There are many reasons to create Literacy Stations for your library. Here are just a few!

Easy To Use

  • Setting up stations is easy to do
  • Low cost to develop – most materials are low cost, free, or already in your library
  • Rotating stations is easy and keeps interest alive
  • Can be as extensive or compact as your space dictates

Efficient and Effective

  • Literacy Stations are self serve! No extra staff needed
  • Bilingual stations allow you to reach ELL patrons without bilingual staff present
  • Extends the learning from storytime and other literacy programs
  • Promotes and builds existing library programs

Extend Your Reach

  • They’re portable! Set them up at community events; incorporate them into outreach displays
  • Increase parent awareness of the six literacy skills so they can engage them at the library and at home


  • Inspire children to explore and learn through self-discovery
  • Demonstrate the purpose of reading and writing, and inspire children to explore
  • Demonstrate the purpose and power of print
  • Encourage social interaction and oral language development
  • Invite children to gradually understand print concepts
  • Provide practice with real life experiences that require reading and writing
  • Add an element of fun to the library – and kids learn when they are having fun!
Idaho Librarians: Tell us how you are using these literacy stations at your library, and we'll send you a thank you book for your literacy station collection! Literacy Station Feedback Form


Idaho Commission for Libraries, Early Literacy Stations: Created for librarians to use during parent workshops, family events, or storytimes. The website has activity cards for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and early school-age, based on the Six Early Literacy Skills. Instructions for preparation are included on the last page of each document.

Narrative Skills (pictured above)
Letter Knowledge
Phonological Awareness
Print Awareness
Print Motivation

Literacy Station Cards from San Fransisco Public Library, English and Spanish: Click on "Text for Ready Set Read"

Handouts in English and Spanish on the Six Early Literacy Skills

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