Getting the Message Out

Once you know about the library, it is important to get that information out to the community.

Tips on ways to tell the public about the library:

  • Bring up the library as a topic of conversation. Informally tell your friends and acquaintances about library services.
  • With the library director, visit with groups, such as service clubs, to make a presentation about the library.
  • If you are a city library, the board and director should make an annual report to the city council on library services. This should be done at a time when the library is not asking for anything from the council.
  • If you are a city library, the board makes the annual budget presentation with the library director.

Some Tips on How to Talk About the Library

  • Speak to your listener's interests, not your own. It will do the library little good, for example, if when you are speaking to someone who is interested in hunting and fishing, you talk about the library's fine collection of sewing books.
  • Don't give out false information. Make sure of your facts. If you don't know the answer to a question, tell the person that you will find the answer and get back to them.
  • Don't assume that your listener knows more than s/he does. Don't use library jargon.
  • Make sure you listen as well as talk.
  • Be positive about the library. Don't air the library's dirty linen in public. If you don't like something the library is doing, take it to the library director or board. When a board member says something negative about the library, it gives a very poor impression of both the library and the board member. Remember that your purpose is to promote the library.
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