Idaho Career Information System / Idaho Works

Idaho CIS

The partnership between the Idaho Department of Labor and Idaho Commission for Libraries will continue to bring the Idaho Career Information System to all Idaho libraries through a public access model. All Idaho public libraries will be able to provide two resources for their Economic Recovery Toolkit.

  1. Idaho Career Information System (CIS)—a comprehensive, computerized information system for career exploration and planning for all public libraries
  2. IdahoWorks—a web-based workforce service

FAQs What is the purpose of this project?
The purpose is to bring career development, employment, and unemployment benefits resources to the citizens of Idaho via public libraries by providing public access to CIS and IdahoWorks databases.

What’s the difference between CIS and IdahoWorks?
CIS is a comprehensive computerized information system for career development that helps people

  1. explore career opportunities
  2. find educational programs related to those opportunities
  3. make successful career decisions and educational plans

IdahoWorks is an online workforce service where

  1. job seekers can create and update resumes/profiles, and find jobs
  2. unemployment benefits users can file claims, check benefit eligibility, and review payment summary
  3. employers can list jobs, manage job listings, review lists of candidates, and screen applicant resumes

What is the role of the library staff?
The role of library staff is to provide guidance for patrons in using CIS and IdahoWorks, as well as to promote CIS and IdahoWorks so patrons know about the availability of these two workforce-related databases.