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The Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) appreciates your support of its mission to assist the more than 850 libraries in Idaho to build the capacity to better serve their communities.

You may choose to direct your donation to a specific ICfL program, such as the Idaho Talking Book Service (TBS), which brings the wide world of reading to Idahoans who are unable to read standard print due to a physical disability. Or your contribution could foster early literacy skills in our next generation of Idahoans, for example. Check out the "Programs & Services" section, if you would like more information about the ICfL.

Thank you for your invaluable support of the Idaho Commission for Libraries.

Ways to Donate

Giving options include single and planned donations, as well as a memorial donation, to honor someone special. (The planned giving page will ask you to create an account.)

For more information about giving opportunities, please contact Roger Dubois at: or call 208-334-2150.

For tax credit information regarding donations to the ICfL and/or to public libraries, please visit: or access the 2017 Public Library Contribution Tax Credit fact sheet. 


What our contributors say:

Talking books was an important part of my father's day and quality of life.  Thanks so much.  Kenneth Fallon- Ammon, Idaho

Enclosed is a check sent to our company as a donation for Talking Books.  We receive these occasionally, usually inside a red magazine cover.  It is our policy to forward the donation to the library that serves the patron who made the donation.  Best Regards,  National Audio Company, Inc. - Springfield, Missouri

I hope this donation makes a difference! Charlotte Carpenter, in memory of Mildred Drayton - Boise, Idaho

Please make this memorial to Mary Phyllis Barber - We know how hard it is to have your mother pass away.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  May the Lord bless you with His peace.  Love,  The Hancock Family - Idaho Falls, Idaho

Please make this memorial to Mildred A. Drayton - Reid and Heidi, So sorry for your loss.  You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.  - Jay and Kristin - Denver, Colorado

Dear Workers and Volunteers, I want to thank you for your service.  I am enjoying the books I would not be able to read otherwise.  I appreciate those who write them and allow us to read them.  Thanks also for those who record them so we can hear them.  It fills a lot of lonesome hours.  And allows us to gain a little knowlege.  Please accept this contribution.  Margaret Rigby - Rexburg, Idaho

Thank You!  Donate for the Cause.  Fern Graham - Meridian, Idaho

Thank you TBS!  Theodore C. and Debra R. - Coeur D Alene, Idaho

Memorial Donation in the name of Mary Purdom. - James & Darlene Sutterfield - New Plymouth, Idaho

With my appreciation for your fine service! - Gwenlee Riedel - Post Falls, Idaho

In Memoriam of Jack Bowman - Wanda & Richard Collingwood - Payette, Idaho

In memory of Jack L Bowman - We at Garrett Development would like to make this contribution for his charity.  Mark Bowman is Jack's grandson, and our co-worker.  Thank you, Garrett Development Corporation - Stafford, Virginia 

A memorial gift for Jack Bowman - Little Country Village Associates - Payette, Idaho

I would like to make a memorial donation for my mother, Helen Potter.  She loved listening to the books.  They helped keep her mind sharp and we really enjoyed discussing what she had read.  Thank you very much for this -Talking Book Service  -  Sincerely, Nancy Potter - Ammon, Idaho

Hello, Just a note to say thank you again for the wonderful service you provide with Talking Books.  Thank you, - Pat Myklebust - Coeur D Alene, Idaho

Dear Friends, Thanks for sending all those good books!  I sure do enjoy them.  Neal H. - Soda Springs, Idaho

Thank You TBS!  Irene & Kirk Thomson - Castleford, Idaho

A Donation for TBS - Dorothy Outzs - Hailey, Idaho

Thank You for Talking Book Service - Kay & Sally Miley - Boise, Idaho

In Memory of Jack Bowman - from The Christian Family- Rae, Del & Deb, Ann, Jim and Lon - Payette, Idaho

Thank You, I enjoy the Talking Books!  - Leta Carlson - Idaho Falls, Idaho

Dear Sirs, This note is being written on behalf of my grandmother who is 95 years old this month and has macular degeneration.  She so much appreciates your service.  Every time Grandma gets her books on tape, she lights up.  Thank you for everything and having such a great service for those who cannot see.  She would like to make this donation to the Talking Book Service.  Thanks for making her smile!  - Mrs. Newby - Shoshone, Idaho

Dear Folks - First, and foremost, a BIG note of gratitude for your service.  I have enjoyed many of your books since you've been sending them to me.  I was hoping I could give you a list of the authors I have come to enjoy, in hopes you could perhaps send more of their writings.  (list included)  Sincerely, H. L. Hawkins - Pocatello, Idaho

In memory of Jack Bowman  - R. J. Hanigan - Payette, Idaho

Thank you for all the books you send Darlo.  They are a blessing to us.  Darlo & Betty Hansen - Ammon, Idaho

Dear Terri, Once again, all year I have so appreciated the large print calendar you sent for my use.  It fills my needs so wonderfully and I so appreciate the service you render.  Rosemary Kunkel - Nampa, Idaho

Thank you so much for the Talking Book Service.  You saved my life!  Christine Haggerty - Meridian, Idaho

My husband has so enjoyed listening to the Talking Books!  Here is a gift to use at your discretion. Vern & Margaret Herzog - Pocatello, Idaho

For the Talking Book Service - Nona J. - Star, Idaho

A donation for TBS - Margaret Simons-Garden City, Idaho

To TBS - David & Fay Gilkey-Orofino, Idaho

Thank You Talking Books! Mrs. Merle Brown and Lori Scott-Ammon, Idaho

Thank You Talking Book Service! Juanita Parke-King Hill, Idaho

Tom and Fay Kerr- Thanks TBS-McCall, Idaho

In memory of Elizabeth Jane Custer-Ivan Custer & Family-Marien Barton-Boise, Idaho

Thank You Talking Book Service-Susanna Sokol-Orofino, Idaho

Donation to the Talking Book Service-Donald Brown-Boise, Idaho

To the Idaho Commission for Libraries, Please find this donation to help with the blind. - Carl & Joyce Bingham-Weston, Idaho

Thank You for all the Books you send! They are a blessing to us. - Darlo & Betty Hansen-Idaho Falls, Idaho

A Donation for the Talking Book Service - FB & Verla Peter- Caldwell, Idaho

In Loving Memory of Jay Sherwood-from Marien Barton- for Robin & Lynn Sherwood and Family-Boise, Idaho

To ICfL Talking Book Service - Dale Goode-Sweet, Idaho

To Talking Books- Wannetta Cooke-Nampa, Idaho

In appreciation for what you do for the visually impaired. I really love your service!  Otis & Alice Hansen-Chubbuck, Idaho

Thank You Talking Book Service :) Ella Lloyd-Bancroft, Idaho

For the Talking Book Program - R.G. & Deaun Messersmith-Twin Falls, Idaho

A Contribution for The Talking Book Service - Melicia Friel-Pocatello, Idaho

Make-IT @ Your Library & Summer STEM Support-STEM Action Center-Boise, Idaho

Thank You for your Wonderful Service (TBS) Through Out the Year- Merry Christmas - Yolanda Werdel-Boise, Idaho

Talking Book Service Donation from Patricia Curtis-Twin Falls, Idaho

A Donation for the Idaho Talking Book Service, - James Sutterfield-New Plymouth, Idaho

Thank You for keeping me entertained AND educated - Margaret Mortensen-Boise, Idaho

Thank you for the many good books! Richard Moore - Mountain Home, Idaho

Thank You!  I love the Talking Book Service and the Great People organizing it. - David Finch - Boise, Idaho--downhilldave

From Agnus Wolf - to the Talking Book Service

Thank you to all for providing me with a Talking Book Library.  Being able to read a book without having to struggle to hold it in position while turning its pages continues to be possible.  It is a relaxing, enjoyable experience I have almost daily.  Please accept this donation for the service each member of the talking book staff and it's volunteers provide. Sincerely, Talking Book Service Patron - Idaho

To each of you- Your services are so appreciated! R. Wood - Boise, Idaho

In memory of Barbara Jean Anderson - From Roxie Fager, Idaho Falls, Idaho

For the Talking Book Service - Pearl Zilk -Boise, Idaho

Thank you for your Talking Book Services.  Paul really enjoys them.  The Eastmans - Twin Falls, Idaho 

Donation in memory of Cas Leoni and Gordon Nelson - Shirley Leoni - Paul, Idaho

Thank you for the Talking Books - Lyle Samuel - Meridian, Idaho

Thank you for your services - Doris & Charles Kinn - Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

Thanks to the Boise Chapter for their kindness and help. It is a pleasure to talk to you.  Marian Niece - Boise, Idaho

The Talking Book Service saved my life! Christine Haggerty - Boise, Idaho

Thank you for the good books - Neal Hemmert - Soda Springs, Idaho

Contribution to the Talking Book Services.  My husband eagerly waits for the new book cassettes to arrive by mail.  Thank you for the service.  Sincerely, Delores & Melvin Kemper -  Boise, Idaho

In memory of Mary Lou Pack- from Marien Barton - Boise, Idaho

In memory of Mia Fereday - Marien Barton  to Jeff Fereday and Family - Boise, Idaho

Thank you Talking Book Service - Larue & Martin Humphries - Jerome, Idaho

Thank you for all you do.  We appreciate it.  - Leta Carlson - Idaho Falls, Idaho

Thank you Talking Book Service - Donald Brown - Boise, Idaho

Thanks to Talking Books for many hours of enjoyable listening.  Please find enclosed our contribution. - Carl & Joyce Bingham - Weston, Idaho


















Have a look at some of our programs to consider for donations:


  • TBS - Talking Book Service

    A free audio book and magazine service for Idaho residents with physical limitations.

  • Read to Me

    The Read to Me program provides materials and resources for families to help their children develop early literacy skills.

  • Lili - Libraries linking Idaho

    Free content to Idahoans for their research, business, or recreation needs through online information databases.

  • Summer Reading Outreach

    Designed to help children maintain or improve their reading skills over the summer months.

  • Let’s Talk About It

    Bringing adult reading discussion groups together with humanities scholars in Idaho’s public libraries

  • General Donation

    Make a donation to ICfL or any of its other programs, and services.