Library Facilities

As trustees face the challenges of planning library services for the future, increased space and additional locations may become a major consideration. Boards must decide whether to build a new library, renovate or expand current facilities, or find an existing space to be converted into a library.

Construction plans should be considered in the context of the total library plan. Trustees need to study service needs, explore alternatives, project funding, and establish priorities.

Planning Responsibilities

The Idaho Commission for Libraries’ Consultants will serve as your guide to the complex process of completing a building program. Trustees, staff, consultants, architects, interior designers, city councils, county boards and regional planning departments, and community members all fit into the picture.

Library Staff: The library director and staff actively participate in planning for construction projects by compiling information, surveys, and statistics; preparing building applications and reports; maintaining project records, etc.

Library Building Consultant: This person is usually an experienced librarian who has participated in several successful building projects. The cost of a building consultant can usually be saved many times over in reductions in construction and operating costs. Working with board and staff, the building consultant can provide any or all of the following services:

  • survey the library's space needs
  • write the library building program
  • project future staff and operating costs
  • prepare a preliminary project budget
  • provide site analysis and recommendations
  • provide advice on funding options
  • provide assistance in selection of the architect
  • review all plans prepared by the architect and provide a written evaluation
  • review needs, specifications and layout for shelving, furniture and equipment
  • provide a final inspection of the facility

Board of Trustees:

  • Determining that a new building is needed
  • Providing leadership in the campaign to inform the community and secure necessary support for the project
  • Appointing a building committee and assigning tasks
  • Selecting and hiring a library building consultant
  • Selecting and hiring an architect
  • Selecting and hiring an interior design specialist
  • Obtaining financing for the project
  • Selecting and purchasing the site
  • Approving the written building program
  • Approving preliminary and final architectural plans
  • Soliciting and approving bid document
  • Approving all contracts and any change orders to the contract
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