The Library Policy Manual


Policies should be:

  • recorded
  • compiled and organized for ready access in a policy manual
  • numbered and date of adoption noted
  • reviewed annually and updated and revised as appropriate

To be effectively implemented, all policies should be recorded, compiled and organized for ready access in a Policy Manual. A loose-leaf binder is a useful format to accommodate new policies and revisions. The contents of a Policy Manual are probably best categorized and numbered under some form of topical heading for easy reference.

As each new policy or revision is adopted, the policy should be numbered and the date of adoption noted. Trustees wishing to review a policy can then refer to the appropriate minutes and reports to learn what alternatives were considered and why the specific policy option was adopted.


  • every trustee
  • copies in the library

Every trustee should have a copy of the Policy Manual and be completely familiar with the rationale for each statement. A thorough understanding of all policies is essential in order to knowledgeably adopt new policies or revise existing ones. Trustees may also be called upon to defend or interpret policies to the public or governing officials.

Copies of the Policy Manual should also be housed in all libraries. The director is responsible for instructing personnel in the rationale of policies so that staff members understand the basis for procedures.