LiLI Steering Committee

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The LiLI Steering Committee operates in partnership with the ICFL staff to plan, initiate and evaluate LiLI services. The LiLI Steering Committee

  • provides input regarding LiLI services,
  • develops and recommends policies, standards, and requirements for the ICFL Board of Commissioners approval, and
  • develops funding recommendations for LiLI programs and services.

Activities of the Steering Committee

  • Developing an annual action plan for development, provision and evaluation of LiLI services
  • Advising the ICFL staff on networking and resource sharing issues, and
  • Communicating the vision and goals of LiLI to members of the library community, the Idaho Library Association, the state legislature, and other appropriate groups in Idaho.

Membership of the LiLI Steering Committee

Members are comprised of librarians that represent existing networks, library systems, and individual libraries that have demonstrated an interest in networking. The Steering Committee membership is representative of all types of libraries and of the geographic regions of the state.

The directors of the 4 largest college and university libraries in Idaho serve as ex officio members with voting privileges. The Idaho State Librarian is also a member ex officio with voting privileges. Additional members are appointed by the State Librarian for 4-year terms. Appointed members may serve two consecutive terms. The ICFL Networking Consultant serves as staff to the LiLI Steering Committee.


The Steering Committee meets needed 3-4 times per year and generally held in Boise. Other business may be conducted, as needed, by conference call or online meeting.