Make It at the Library: Where Idaho Makers Meet

Project Overview: The project is designed to support the creation of Makerspaces in Idaho libraries and encourage the delivery of library services to digital users “where they live.” The Commission will provide the necessary materials and trainings to implement creative, STEAM-based programming for all ages. The project will :

  • Provide library staff with tools and skills to encourage college and career-ready opportunities in their libraries.
  • Assist libraries in developing events and services to keep their communities engaged with the emerging trends in information access.
  • Train library staff to facilitate 21st century skill learning.

Make It for the Library: an ILA conference presentation

Make It 2017 Summary/Evaluation

All 2017 Make It libraries, please complete this form at the end of the project, before August 31, 2017.

Application Information

Application for the 2017 Make It at the Library program is open only to Idaho publicly funded libraries. Beginning this year, academic, school and public libraries may apply to participate. The program consists of a two-day training and resources geared for library programming for all age groups. In addition to receiving maker tools, this year's program includes a community education kit consisting of 30 Edison robots, batteries, and curriculum. Participants must partner with community organizations to extend the kits' use outside of the library.

Libraries having participated in prior Make It at the Library years are eligible to apply. Libraries consisting of multiple branches or locations are welcome to apply for each of those sites.

3D printers and training are not part of this training. Application to participate in 3D printer training will be offered separately.

Libraries selected to participate will be required to enter a MOU with the Commission which can be viewed here
A maximum of 15 libraries per training date/location will be selected to participate. 2017 training dates are:

  • March 6 and 7 in Pocatello
  • March 15 and 16 in Boise
  • Due to lack of applications,the Sandpoint training has been canceled and replaced with one in Boise.
  • March 28 and 29 in Lewiston

A travel stipend will be provided for up to two attendees per library. The stipend will be issued by the STEM Action Center but coordinated by ICfL staff. Stipends will be based on the distance between your library and the Make It training closest to your library. However, you are not required to attend the location closest to your library. Stipend amounts are:

  • $350 for distances greater than 100 miles
  • $250 for distance between 50 and 100 miles
  • $50 for distance between 25 and 50 miles
  • $0 for distance under 25 miles

It is assumed the stipend will cover all related travel costs (transportation, hotel, and meals) not provided at training.

Please refer to the scoring rubric for detailed information on how applications will be scored.

This project is funded in part by the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) and the STEM Action Center. Please read ALL sections carefully before submitting your application to ensure that you are able to meet all of the requirements.
Applications closed Friday, January 20, 2017

Past Libraries
The following libraries participated in the Make at the Library project.
2017: Library Name:
  • Ada Community Library Star Branch
  • Bellevue Public Library
  • Burley Public Library
  • Coeur d'Alene Public Library
  • Eagle High School
  • East Bonner County Library District
  • Emmett Public Library
  • Galileo STEM Academy
  • Garden City Public Library
  • Garden Valley District Library
  • Glenns Ferry Public Library
  • Gooding Elementary School Library
  • Gooding High School Library
  • Gooding Middle School Library
  • Gooding Public Library
  • Grangeville Centennial Library
  • Grangeville Elem./Middle School Library
  • Hailey Public Library
  • Heritage Middle School
  • Hillcrest Elementary
  • Homedale Public Library
  • Idaho Falls High School
  • ISDB Library
  • Jerome Public Library
  • Kamiah Community Library
  • Kimberly High School
  • Lakeland High School
  • Lapwai Middle-High School
  • Larsen-Sant Library
  • Lewiston City Library
  • Lizard Butte Library
  • Madison Junior High
  • Madison Library District
  • Marshall Public Library
  • Mary McPherson elementary
  • Meadows Valley Public Library
  • Meridian Library District
  • Moscow Middle School Library
  • North Bingham County District Library
  • Pepper Ridge Elementary Library
  • Salmon Public Library
  • South Bannock Library District
  • Southside Elementary School
  • Syringa Middle School
  • Taylorview Middle School

  • Eagle Public Library
  • Garden Valley District Library
  • Latah County Library District-Moscow
  • Lemhi County District Library:Salmon
  • McCall Public Library
  • Mountain Home Public Library
  • Patricia Romanko Public Library (Parma)
  • Richfield Library District

  • Caldwell Public Library
  • Bear Lake County Library
  • Burley Public Library
  • DeMary Memorial Library
  • Marshall Public Library
  • North Bingham County District Library
  • Payette Public Library
  • Shoshone Public Library
  • Centennial High School Library
  • Heritage Middle School Library

  • Aberdeen District Library
  • Buhl Public Library
  • East Bonner County District Library
  • Jerome Public Library
  • Portneuf District Library
  • Twin Falls Public Library

The original five libraries chosen for the project in 2013 include:
  • Ada Community Library
  • Community Library Network
  • Gooding Public Library
  • Meridian District Library
  • Snake River School Community Library
If you have any questions, call Sue at 208.334.2150 for assistance.

The ICfL is providing participating libraries with:
  • STEAM manipulative kits and materials,
  • Customized curriculum,
  • Intensive training focused on:
    • Makerspaces
    • STEAM-based programs,
    • Stealth (informal) programming, and
    • Design Thinking and Design Process.
  • Technical support, and
  • Evaluation/Assessment tools.

Library staff will increase their knowledge of how to use technology commonly used by patrons in meaningful and concrete ways. They will learn how to incorporate these technologies and skills into library programming in order to improve, enhance, and increase services to all ages. Each participating library will be required to dedicate the staff and space necessary to create a Makerspace to which patrons will have access. Staff will be required to use this space, materials, and acquired knowledge to engage patrons:

  • Project participants demonstrate the ability to use technology to support access to information and services,
  • Project participants demonstrate the ability to develop events and services to keep the Idaho library community engaged with the emerging trends in information access,
  • Project participants demonstrate the ability to assume the role of facilitator in programming efforts,
  • Project participants demonstrate the ability to share maker knowledge and resources with community partners
By the end of the project each participating library will:
  • Attend two days of face to face training,
  •  Receive a variety of Maker Materials
  • Create, implement, and submit two or more projects/events using the STEAM/Maker materials and curriculum,
  • Create, implement, and submit one or more “stealth” programs to be implemented in the Makerspace at the library
  • Utilize evaluation tools and anecdotal information to gather data on:
    • number of patrons participating in project events,
    • interest in STEAM programming,
    • efficacy of STEAM programming in the library,
    • increase in knowledge of program topic areas,
    • best practices to improve, expand, and/or increase programming for all ages in the Makerspace
  • Complete all of the MOU requirements (It will be explicitly stated that if a library does not complete the requirements, they will be responsible for returning all materials to ICfL at their own expense.)
The following indicators are what the Commission has set as expectations for the project.
  • 60% of libraries completing the MOU requirements plan additional STEAM programs (either formal or informal) during year one of the project.
  • 66% (2 of 3) of libraries with branches plan or hold a STEAM program in one of the branches during the last six months of the project.
  • 60% of libraries completing the MOU requirements report successful informal (stealth) programming.
  • 50% of libraries report an increased understanding of, and interest in supporting Makerspaces.
  • 75% of patrons surveyed report they would participate in another STEAM program.
  • 70% of patrons surveyed report an increased interest in pursuing STEAM careers or fields of study.
Schedule and Workshop Documents
  • New Libraries chosen: January 5, 2016
  • Introductory Webinar: February 4, 2016 -Archived Recording
  • Training One: February 24-26, 2016- Agenda; Homework Assignments; Maker Culture Presentation; Circuitry Presentation; Edison Controller Manual; Edison Programmer Manual; E-textile/Bookmark Instructions;
  • Training Two: May 4-6, 2016 Agenda; Day 1 Presentation; Day 2 Presentation; Day 3 Presentation;
  • 2015
    • New Libraries chosen: January 17, 2014
    • Introductory Webinar: February 4, 2014 - Archived Recording;
    • Training One: February 24-25, 2014 - Agenda; PPT 
    • Training Two: May 19-20, 2014 - Agenda; PPT
    • Training Three: September 25 - 27, 2014 3D Design and Printing
  • Pilot Libraries chosen: December 15, 2012
  • Introductory Webinar: January 2013 - Agenda; Powerpoint
  • Training One: February 11-12, 2013 - Agenda;Powerpoint
  • Webinar Two: April 23, 2013 - Agenda
  • Training Two: May 20-21, 2013 - Agenda
  • Webinar Three: September 2013 - Recording; Notes
  • Training Three: November 6-8, 2013 Agenda; Outline of 3D Content
  • Idaho Library Resources
    Makerspace Resources

    Presentations and Press on the Make It Project


    Funded in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Micron Foundation.