Performance Appraisal Procedure

The steps in the annual documentation of performance are as follows:

  1. The director completes a self-appraisal of her/his performance for the past year considering her/his work plan and submits it to the board.
  2. Peer and/or customer review input is requested, if desired.
  3. The performance appraisal should be a positive, developmental process that includes praise and constructive guidance.
  4. The board prepares written comments on the employee's performance using the performance appraisal form and reviewing the relevant documents.
  5. The board members should meet without the director present to formulate the final appraisal form. They should reach a consensus on how they, as a body, summarize the appraisal.
  6. The board's written appraisal should be given to the director and then discussed at an executive session scheduled during a board meeting. See Open Meeting Law
  7. The director and board discuss the appraisal and any developmental issues that need to be addressed.
  8. When both the board and director agree to the appraisal results, the appraisal form is signed and copies go to the employee and the personnel file.
  9. At this meeting or at another, the board and director agree upon a work plan for the next appraisal period.