Program Ideas, Activities, and Events




Places to Look for Project Ideas (from Maker Ed Initiative website)

  • Adafruit has tutorials that cover topics such as electronics and Arduino micro controllers, and The Adafruit Learning System.
  • Instructables has user-submitted illustrated guides to a wide range of projects
  • Make: Projects is a curated site of projects (also, the Kids and Family section of the Make: blog has projects specifically aimed at young makers)
  • Makerbot  has curriculum for using 3D printing in classes
  • The MENTOR Makerspace program’s  guide  for creating a makerspace in high schools
  • The MIT Media Lab’s High Tech Low Tech group’s workshop facilitator’s guide  for soft circuits
  • Sparkfun has a curriculum page with beginner/intermediate and advanced projects
  • The Young Makers program’s  playbook for creating a Young Makers club
  • The Exploratorium‘s Tinkering Studio has a wealth of articles, activities, and an active blog
  • has a growing number projects and challenges, and the ability to share project photos.
  • Hackaday is a platform for people who like to hack things for the better.
  • e-textiles

Game Development Stuff

  • GoGoLabs - Shake it Up Learning
  • MIT Game Lab - A Slower Speed of Light
  • iCivics; An online game and platform that engages students in learning about the three branches of government and other civics information
  • Review of Super Scratch Programming Adventure!: Learn to Program by Making Cool Games

Stealth Programming

Competitions, Contests, and Maker Events